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How does the person access the Rewards Cash Gift Card?
- Once they finish watching your video and answering the interest question, they will receive a text with a special link to their gift card. This will give them a unique code to create an account on to access their Rewards Cash and the shopping platform.

  1. Step 1 - They verify their mobile number and watch your video
  2. Step 2 - They answer the interest question after watching your video
  3. Step 3 - System will send them a text with your contact info and a link to their $50 Reward Cash Gift Card
  4. Step 4 - They will the click link to create a username & password to shop using their $50 Rewards Cash Card

Can you use Rewards Cash Gift Card to shop anywhere online?
- No Rewards Cash has no monetary value and can only be used on the shopping platform.

Do they need to put in their credit card to access their Rewards Cash?
- No credit card is needed to create their account.

Do they need to pay anything extra to buy products on the when using their Rewards Cash?
- It depends, most items will use a portion of Rewards Cash, and they pay the difference, however there are some items/deals that will use only rewards cash and do not require any extra payment.

Example of item paying the difference

  • 5 pack Movie Theater tickets regular price $60
  • May be listed on site for $20 ($60 regular price - $40 in rewards cash)
  • In this example user pays the $20 difference to buy that item
  • If user had a $50 RC Gift Card, it would take $40 from it and leave a $10 balance in Rewards Cash on their account

Do they have to use their Rewards Cash?
- No they do not have to use it, our system gave them the gift as promised for watching your video, they are free to use it or not, there is no penality if they never use it.

When it comes to building my business how does offering this gift help me?

  1. In today's world getting someone to take a few minutes to watch your video can be sometimes very difficult.
  2. Most people do not have a way to know if someone actually watched their video
  3. If they did watch your video, most people do not have a way to know who is interested
  4. If you were to do any type of marketing (offline or online) offering a $50 Rewards Cash gift card for watching a video will attract more people than just saying watch my video

The mlmrod system basically makes this process easier by making it more attractive to watch your video and lets you know if they are interested or not, which will save you a lot of time because you would know who to followup with.


$50 Rewards Cash Gift Cards are used to purchase popular items at a discount from our partner shopping site, watch video below for more details.

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